FULL ALBUM STREAMING: A Singer Of Songs – There Is A Home For You

“There Is A Home For You” è il l’ultimo disco di A Singer Of Songs moniker, chiaramente ispirato da Johnny Cash, dietro il quale si nasconde Lieven Scheerlinck, belga classe ’76 trapiantato a Barcellona.

Hanno scritto di questo disco:

Folk Radio UK: “It’s music like this that brightens my mind and makes me walk lighter through the day. Set aside some time to listen and indulge yourself…fully.”

El Periódico: “*** This is a solid set of songs influenced by the likes of Elliott Smith (the poppy waltz One Night) or even Dinosaur Jr (Silent Soldiers, probably his most energetic song ever). Melancholic tales told with talent.”

Le Cool Barcelona: “Like getting up at dawn and enjoy a coffee and a cigarette in the sun with a terrace, before the chaos of the day begins. The music of A Singer of Songs has that same ethereal and melancholy air.”

The Chaunt: “The plodding rhythm and gentle sounding guitar, mixed with the emotive vocals of Lieven is all each track needs. It gives just enough to the imagination whilst allowing your mind to delve into each note and use that as a brush to paint a picture. (…) The pure anonymity of this man makes the music seem ever so much more magical. There’s power and meaning behind each verse, written for a purpose rather.”

Novemagazine: “One of the great pleasures of this job is to receive an album by an artist you’ve never heard of and who conquers you as soon as you press ‘Play’. The melodies sound like melancholy, like happy days from the past, like missing somebody, like being home. (…) He achieves to give you goosebumps with every song he writes, without any exception.”

Bsides: “Beautiful songs, warm and soothing landscapes and a surprising sensation of peace and well-being arise from Lieven’s guitar and voice. He is certainly a singer to follow.”

Onda Rock: “The painful intimacy of the songs by Lieven Scheerlinck is offered to new reflexes, able to make them shine with an unprecedented wealth of nuances.”

Son Of Marketing: “With his lyrics of great caliber and arrangements that are stripped to the bones he is able to offer true emotions and levels of introspection that few songwriters achieve. (…) This album confirms the talented songwriter we got to know on his previous albums. There is no other way to say it: we are eye to eye with a great artist.””

@diffuser.net: “An album touched by grace, tender folk that grips you and leaves you speechless…”

A Singer Of Songs presenterà ad UnpluggedInMonti questa raffinata di perle folk giovedì 28 novembre.